Wale – Folarin Like (Nas is Like Freestyle) Lyrics

What, boy?
Let’s have some motherf**king fun
Yeah, ayee, yeah

Folarin like, women level-headed
And more aggressive
That demoralize any moralless
Man or woman and
More or less any man or woman that go against me
Better know the lord, ignore it, keep it F450
F*** a 450, we 730
It’s December now
When they simmer down we start burning em
It’s embarrassing
There’s literally no comparison
That’s like comparing Yogi Berra and Yogi Ferrell
I’m the coldest poet, they never show it
I show up like the f**king bear from Revenant
Barely ni**as is Yogi Bear in here
Mo, this is a picnic walk
I sip gin, tonic in booth then I big sh*t talk
I’m cool, clam, collected less I get pissed off
Then everybody get it like a pitch in kickball
Pimp hard, pimp hard, but think two times harder
Mulsanne parked
I bet the Pumas Usain Bolt to us
Woo! That’s a fast ass pu**y cat
Ralph really rapping like he’s really, really in his bag yeah
Folarin like, a lot of artist father I
Think a lot of y’all been multiplying the prototype
Notice I
Don’t hang with ni**as much in this industry
Been this way, ni**as be hating wasting my energy
Then they say
Maybe Folarin is just a mental case
It’s not the case
I just confide in cases of Hennessy
L.A. Fitness with Philip, yeah I’m getting a little bigger
Baby mama don’t notice, all my bi**hes can dig it
Bout to hit the casino, Steve O bring all the women
And if we hit the digits, the only way that we’re tricking
Rose gold the pinky
Flows gold, the singles
Is all gold and platinum, I’m so focused really
Whole goal was really
To promote the city
Some ni**as off that boat like they got motion sickness
Lord forgive me, you know that I’m flawed
But been on my job
Way more, cause I had a daughter
I dogged bi**hes before
Now talk sense into bi**hes
And not to give you my business
But they ain’t bi**hes no more
Naw, nah, f**k it let’s keep this s**t going
I see ni**as talking, could chalk it, grown people ignore it
But keep with the bluffing
You see I be with people that love that s**t
Love to see you public performing, we will applaud
Now you Weekend at Bernie-looking
Mama purchasing urns for you, confirming you finished
I done murked you ni**as
Was the first one, this versatile
Hurts me to hurt ya
It burns, yeah it burns because I birthed you ni**a
Yeah, of course you ni**as forgot
But every time I drop a single ni**as hitting me up
Telling me to give em a jump
Never think they’ll ever pull up
Literally I live in Maryland, Beverly Hills and the charts
Yup, and with the pen it’s like I’m like Kemba with ball
I’m Kyrie, Jamal
Crawford, guard me and you fall
Foreign features from South Korea
BTS be the s**t, we about to see it
I am not North or South, I am just DMV
I’m a G, well achieved, well received
I’m a seasoned ni**a
Yeah, boy I’m the cleanest ni**a
Got soul, got style, rap genius ni**a
I will not back down when you see a ni**a
My whip black, light brown, Pam Gina ni**a
Yeah, Folarin like
Women like Miss Erykah
Badu, see you next lifetime, I marry ya
Playing though ni**a this gospel on my tonsils
Got the world on my hand like Kwame on Captain Planet do
I’m just a rhymer a lot of y’all just be sleeping on
They stay at mama’s house and get their Cheetos and cheap reefer on
They stay on social media
Being somebody doper than the person they are in person
Of course nobody meeting them
Folarin like, none of these ni**as
Shine coming, man I’m tired of everyone of these ni**as
F**k em