Kodak Black – There He Go Lyrics

Look, every time you see me I’m surrounded by them snipers
You ain’t never run off with a hustler in your life, huh?
I’m from 1800, I’m a hot boy, but I’m iced up
Ugly corner where we smile with you and we don’t like you
Just hopped off the plane I just got out about a day ago
Everybody love me, when they see me they be like, There he go!
Got me a new lady, we bout to take a trip to Mexico
Crackas took my 40 so I’m bout to go buy a Draco

(Verse 1)
Ay, Lil Kodak on the beat I got that bass, ho
Boy I drop that s**t that they be waiting for
I like the Beamer but I’m about to go cop a Wraith tho
I done peeped your true colors, boy you a rainbow
I got Space Jams on my feet, I’m on the moon
I’m really lit, so I ain’t gotta use no auto-tune
Yeah, I’m the s**t, but you know damn well I ain’t number two
I’m in this bih around some ni**as who ain’t got nothing to lose
But shawty got that head, she got that fire brain
She know I love the head, I love that migraine
You ain’t never run off with a boss ainna
She know a ni**a be stunting like a Power Ranger

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
These ain’t Ray-bans, these Saint Laurent shades, ho
The way my ni**as hit your block, you’d think it’s Halo
No more home invadin now, I’m on the radio
I don’t even like to f***, I only want fellatio
I done jumped out to that bag, baby check my swag
Money falling out my ass, I got a lot of cash
Ay, everybody running, ni**a got a gun
I ain’t making beats but the Draco got a drum
I don’t wear no f**king Yeezys, I got too much sauce
Like I don’t believe in Jesus, how I triple cross
I ain’t even brush my teeth, but I’m on the block
I ain’t even brush my teeth, all I do is floss

(Repeat Chorus)