Beenie Man Defends Dancehall Against Church Backlash

Beenie Man has stepped forward to defend dancehall music against some recent backlash from the church community.

The fiasco started when the Jamaica Yellow Pages released the cover for the 2017 edition featuring a dancehall theme. The reaction from Christians were swift and direct, prompting some local entertainers to speak out.

In a clip posted on his IG page, Beenie Man chided his church bredrens for what he calls their double-standard against a key part of Jamaican culture. “Listen I am not a Christian, I am a Rastafarian, but I don’t go against Christianity and I don’t go against religion and organized groups,” the dancehall legend said. “Dancehall music is our music regardless of what it portrayed it is Jamaican culture, regardless of people dancing in a dance, or people whining in a house, people a dance in a bus. Dancehall portrayed people a dance in a picture or a painting then that is what they are going to draw because that is the setting of dancehall.”

Beenie Man also noted that dancehall artists don’t discriminate against the church.