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Gabriel Garzon-Montano – “The Game” | New Music

Gabriel Garzon-Montano is getting a lot of attention on social media for his track “The Game.” This new joint is the followup to his previously released “Sour Mango.”

“We all play the game. We can make the best of it and we can make the worst of it,” the singer/songwriter told Fader about the new track. I wrote this as a reminder not to take myself so seriously. It’s easy to grow solemn and boring! This song says be brave and show your joy and give your love. Have a heart like a tangerine. You don’t have to lose the game.”

Do you worry bout everything
Afraid you ain’t got the tight game
Do you feel just a little too plain
Compare yourself to whats his name

The Game – Gabriel garzon-montano Lyrics

Listen full track below.