Promnite – Gunsmoke feat. J.K. The Reaper, Nell, Denzel Curry & Twelve’Len Lyrics

(Intro – Twelve’Len)
Gunsmoke, gunsmoke
Gunsmoke, gunsmoke
Gunsmoke, gunsmoke
Gunsmoke, gunsmoke
Gunsmoke, gunsmoke
They don’t wanna see us go
They don’t wanna see us, bro
Stepping down on the edge
Stepping out on the ledge
They don’t wanna see us there
They just wanna see us here

(Verse 1 – Denzel Curry & Nell)
Call crazy comrade, catch us on the cover
Couldn’t catch a anaconda, accumulating the karma
Cause in can’t change the fact, someone…react
Read it back, reading in braille
Can Ray Charles see what he feel
I’m gassed up when I’m out of my chill
So he bringing them hell, I’m fresh out of jail
It’s time to prevail gotta keep you ni**as
Denzel with the blues, bet they can’t rely on Eli
12 get the A when they see I
And they know just what we do, still tryna end true real ni**a
Try and cop a feel and send em to the cotton field
Everything light bright in my eyesight
There goes the neighborhood is just a way to say white flight
They hate at first sight, cause
But we live our right

(Bridge – Twelve’Len)
I know you don’t understand
I done lost too many friends, I’m just hoping that you’ll beam me up with you

(Verse 2 – Denzel Curry)
All I see is the opposite plotting
Ni**as get killed like skirt in Scotland
Who mad, crackers wanna box me in like plaid
But I got em spinning out of control go Taz
Too many devils to deal with
Currently camouflaging the coat of chameleons
Blend, tricked by the Rumpelstiltskin , saying
Tryna take my ends
Real world one scene

(Repeat Intro)