Kanye West Released From The Hospital Recovering At Home

Kanye West is finally home with his family after leaving the UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday.

The “Heartless” rapper has been hospitalized since last week Monday after having a psychic break that his doctor say was caused by exhaustion and dehydration. Ye left the hospital with his wife Kim Kardashian and his personal doctor Dr. Michael Farzam on Wednesday afternoon, TMZ reported. Farzan was the one who called 911 on November 21 to get help for Kanye who was behaving erratic and even attempting to assault a gym staff.

Perhaps it’s a good thing for Kanye West to go home from the hospital because he reportedly was trying to work from his hospital bed. He has a full studio at home and should continue working on new music while he recover.

There are also reports that he and Kim Kardashian are going through a rough time and that might be one of the reasons for his nervous breakdown.