Popcaan – Christmas Gift Lyrics

Badman jingle bell in a you belly
Jingle bell in a you belly

Meck badman jingle bell in a you belly
Jingle bell in a you belly

(Pre Chorus)
Mi a wonder if you catch my drift
Caw your pu**y a mi Christmas gift

And me love how you breast dem stiff
Lord, your body a mi Christmas gift

Me love when you whine pon you toe and tip
Gyal your body a mi Christmas gift

And no pu**y nuh tight suh
A the tightest this
Mi never get a love like this

(Verse 1)
Come meck mi give you some stiff c**key
A Popcaan meck the pu**y happy
Shi a ride it slow and quick like a big Jockey
Bring the pu**y fi mi kidnap hi

Gyal yo body wet like water sap hi
Shi seh her boyfriend a shaker photocopy
Shi feel it in a groaning
More mi knock hi
Shi seh come in a the pu**y Poppy

Gyal mi meck you live a highlite
When shi whine right pon the pipeline yea
Introduced you to night life
That a my love
Shi call mi the boss Andrew

When mi meck shi live the high life
Seh shi feel nice when the weed light yeah
Gyal mi love you in a real life
You meck mi feel nice
Do wa you feel like yeah

(Repeat Intro)

(Verse 2)
Gyal yo pu**y good a mussi gold that
Shake up you batty then you roll that
Anytime you a whine gal a road block
Si mi balls dem yah gyal control that
Bwoy nuh have no gyal dem a idiot
Fat pu**y Sher and Renae cross the toll that
Gyal a seh mi c**key longer than a pole that
A nuh in a you belly, in a you soul that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Pre Chorus)