Soulja Boy Asking Fans To Pay Him To Follow Them On Instagram/Twitter

Soulja Boy wants to follow you on Twitter and Instagram but it will cost you. Perhaps the Love and Hip Hop star is in the hole with his bank account or maybe he just came up with a grand idea to make a quick buck. But he did wrote on social media that he will follow anyone who donate to his cause.

“Only tonight i’m Following everyone that donates to$souljaboysodmg it can be any amount add your username in the note. Link in bio,” he wrote while providing a link to make the donation.

In another post he was charging $100 per fan to follow them if they make the deposit. “Send me 100$ on cashme and I will follow you back on Twitter/Instagram on snapchat your choice make sure you tag your username in the note,” he wrote.

This is not the first time that Soulja Boy’s social media activity is coming into question. Last month he engaged in a heated beef with Lil Yachty over who is dating India Love. He also posted a number of photos of himself and her claiming that they were dating, but she denied the claims.