Macka Diamond Responds To Backlash Over Racy Photo

Macka Diamond is pushing back on some social media trolls who bombarded her Instagram page with some nasty comments over the last week.

The dancehall deejay issued a strong response to her critics telling them to simply unfollow her if they don’t like what she post on her profile.

“I don’t buy followers, and I do not buy friends on the Internet,” Macka Diamond said. “Mi nuh pay nuh money fi unuh, so who nuh real and who nuh like how mi dress and how mi wah look, unuh can just block unuh self. I’ve always been posting my stuff on Instagram, but the bullies are like this. When you post good stuff, they don’t comment, but once they feel it’s bad, they feel like they can comment.”

Macka was dressed in a raunchy Halloween outfit and strike a pose those showcase maybe more than some of her fans wanted to see.