Bounty Killer and Masicka Previews New Collab “Top Rank” Aidonia Diss ?

Bounty Killer and Masicka previews their upcoming collaboration “Top Rank.” The track is featured on the Dancehall Bully Riddim.

Bounty is one of the most hardcore gangsta deejay in dancehall history especially in the prime of the genre in the 1990s. Masicka is one of the new kid on the block spitting hardcore gangsta dancehall lyrics and he has been getting a lot of attention over the last two years.

Put these two deejays together and you have a real gangsta anthem on your hands. The track is been promoted as a Aidonia diss, but no one inside Bounty Killer ANG camp could confirm or deny those claims. Sources did tell us that there is no feud between Bounty Killer and Aidonia. We all know already that Masicka and Aidonia doesn’t like each other.

Perhaps someone is trying to draw out Aidonia into another beef.

Take a listen to the preview below.