Young Thug Says New Album Is 10 Times Harder Than ‘Jeffery’

Young Thug is still beaming in the success of his last album “Jeffery” released back in August. But he is prepping one more album before the year ends that he promises will be 10 times better than “Jeffery.”

Thugger didn’t gave a title or release date for the new project but from his statement during his V Magazine interview, we can expect it before the year ends.

“It’ll probably be fu**ing ten times harder than JEFFERY,” the Atlanta rapper said. “Like this one was kind of Jeffery, but it was still kind of street. This one is gonna be just fully Jeffery.”

If this new album is even more Jeffery than Jeffery himself then you can only expect more of Young Thug’s wild personality. On that album he famously named the singles off artists that he admired like Rihanna (RiRi), Kanye West, Future, and Wyclef Jean.

“The names of the songs were really who I was thinking about when I was making them, or who encouraged me to make them,” Thugger said. “So it was really a moment of honesty for me.”