Ninjaman Responds To Shabba Ranks Getting Angry At Reporter

Ninjaman has broken his silence on Shabba Ranks getting angry at a reporter who asked him about the Gorgon last week.

Shabba was feeling questions from an ER reporter on the day that he received the Order of Distinction for his contribution to Jamaican music. The reporter asked Ranks for a response to what Ninjaman said in a recent interview but he was not too happy about the question and pushed the microphone away from his face.

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“Take the mic out of my face,” Shabba yelled. “Ask me bout music and don’t ask me bout f**kery. Go ask him wah a di issue with him, yuh nuh see how me a live mi life.”

Ninjaman said that he felt let down by Shabba’s actions especially since he had just received the prestigious award from the Jamaican government.

“You let me down, yute,” the dancehall legend said. “No matter wah you and no deejay have, nuh matter weh you and nobody have, don’t take that out on the press. Do not disrespect the press because of any question weh dem ask because is not like you don’t know say dem a go ask. You know how it look the morning after people see that interview.”