Mavado – Brawla Lyrics

After mi murder the son turn the gun pon the father
Gully Side deal wid the pu**y dem like Israel do to Gaza
This a broad day slaughter, people a ask weh dem war fah
Mi dawgs dem a brawler, the Scalawas and the Squaler

Wi nuh beg friend in a place, wi tek over bwoy place
Meck dem haffi run out
And if you think seh you bad
Bombohole mi deh a road a wait till you come out
A my friend dem a buss head in a you place and you know that
Even Grands-Pen a seh a ghost that a him have the most chat

(Verse 1)
Dem get mi gun crabbit
Suh dem a dead like some Bugs bunny rabbit
Jamaica know mi gun habit
War start bwoy dead in a the 14 parish
Dem soft like crackers in in porridge
Paste dem up like mackers in parish
The pu**y come a talk bout Kuff, Cauf, Queff
The Keltech a left him stink cabbage
Mi seh badman nuh throw word suh pu**y call name
Mi nuh play domino and itch up pon lane
Portmore seh a bate dem
Corn grain come a fire stray shot
You nuh si you cyaa aim
Ready fi burn dem up, fire ball flame
This a you aftermath, after the hurricane
You still a sus pon the phone bout dem a die same
Mi a meck yo cry pain everybody cry shame

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tek you spot in a the Sunday Gleaner
Everybody know a dreamer dem
Claat up the rifle in a the pu**y-hole
Steve tell the bwoy nuh dream again
You done seize a team a dem
Mi nuh need a team a friend
Sandy-Park meck bwoy lost and find wid gunshot in a dem