Skooly feat. 21 Savage – 21 Guns Lyrics

(Intro – Skooly)
Black John Gotti
Double cup my costra nostra ni**a
Got my brother Savage in this motherf**ker
21, 21, 21 yeah

(Chorus – Skooly)
Ni**a get your funds up, 21, 21, 21
Yeah ni**a get your funds up
Yeah better get your funds up, 21, 21, 21
Don’t play around we gon pick them guns up
Get your funds up, get your funds up
We are not that friendly boy you better not run up
Get your funds up, get your funds up
Ni**as playing with us, we gon pick them guns up

(Bridge – Skooly
21 guns, ni**a 21 guns
Told ya get your funds up, get your funds up
Ni**a 21 guns, ni**a 21 guns
Pick your guns up, pick your guns up, fire

(Verse 1 – 21 Savage)
Pick your guns up
I just picked your baby moms up
21 Savage get that work off a dump truck
21 Savage on the ave cooking cocaine
Ni**a can’t hang with the gang cause he so lame
I got Skooly in here with me, he just rolled a backwood
Bi**h I’m from the bricks but my trunk is in my damn hood
I just ate some steak and shrimp you ni**as eating canned goods
White man can’t jump but that dope he jumping damn good
F**king with these ni**as man that’ll get you jammed up
Get your guns up, last time your sh*t jammed up
Front me s**t on credit boy you know it’s getting ran’d up
Say that you a shooter? When you see me why your hands up?

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)

(Verse 2 Skooly]
I turned 21 and bought a handheld chopper
My brother used to hide his f**king bricks inside my
My mama was mad about that s**t inside my
But I gave her profit off that s**t inside my
Dripping like a faucet, wishes in the water
Dripping tone, I’m alone in that whip, I got no problems
Flexing money where I’m from’ll get you robbed b**ch boy
You must of not heard I’m with the mob bi**h boy
This is not no motherf**king job b**ch boy
Only cops that I’m scared of is car b**ch boy
Come around flexing jewelry tryna floss b**ch boy
There goes his Skooly done got 21 to rob this boy, damn

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)