Etana Put Trump Controversy Behind Her Heads To Africa

Etana is moving past the Trump controversy which threatened to derail her career.

The reggae songstress is now heading to Africa for a tour on the continent. She will be performing on one of the biggest reggae music festivals in Africa, the All Nations Reggae Fest 2016 which will be held on November 12 at the Castle of Good Hope in South Africa. Turbulence and Bushman are also on the shows lineup.

Etana is currently doing damage control after getting huge backlash on social media for not only endorsing Trump for president but also defended some of his controversial statements on race and religion. Last week she did an interview with Winford Williams on OnStage where she admitted that she didn’t made an informed statement on the issue.

“I do a lot of writing and traveling and so watching the election is something that I don’t do a lot but I saw a clip where he [Donald Trump] was talking about the security of America and how wide open it was,” she said.