Etana Start Leaning Towards Hillary Clinton .. Takes Back Trump Endorsement

Etana seems to be now leaning more towards Hillary Clinton these days after getting some backlash for her endorsement of Donald Trump.

The reggae songstress did an interview with Anthony Miller on ER where she explained why she was throwing her support behind Donald Trump despite some of his comments going against the message in her music.

Since getting some harsh criticism on social media, Etana issued a statement back tracking some of her comments and also admitted that she didn’t do her research. She also seems to be agreeing with some of Hillary Clinton statements from Monday night’s presidential debate.

“Stop and frisk would lead to more blacks and hispanics in jail for minor violations Known fact stated by Hillary herself,” Etana wrote on Instagram.

“The law in America in my opinion isn’t I’m the best interest of a black man and we are expected to be orderly even while getting shot,” she added.