Faith Evans Flashes Her Lady Parts On Stage Bad Boy Reunion Tour [Video]

Faith Evans became a trending topic on Twitter not for her singing but for flashing the crowd at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

Biggie Smalls widow was performing in Boston on Saturday where she accidentally flash the audience. Some folks are even wondering if it was intentional. But you can watch the video for yourself and be the judge.

“Wonder if Faith Evans was low key flashing us intentionally or just into the performance,” one fan on Twitter wrote.

While performing her classic single “You Used To Love Me,” Faith Evans lift up her dress and as she make her way across the stage and thus exposing her lady parts. Now there are a lot of debate on whether she was wearing a nude underwear or if she wasn’t wearing any at all.

“Poor Faith Evans, she flashed her coochie on the Jumbotron,” another fan wrote.