Chris Brown Calls Baby Mama A Scammer, She Called Him A Bad Father

Chris Brown is going after his baby mama Nia Guzman on social media calling her a scammer, but she is not sitting back quiet.

Last week, Breezy saw some fallout from his gun case involving Baylee Curran where Japanese authorities denied him entry into the country for a concert. He was also paid a visit from child services after his baby mama filed a report. This means that he will now only be allowed supervised visits with 2-year-old Royalty.

On Thursday, Chris Brown too to his Instagram account to blast his baby mama calling her a scammer who refused to work and try to get more money out of him. “JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR!!! NIA IS A SNAKE, GOLDDIGGER, CREDIT CARD SWIPE, FREELOADED, professionally UNEMPLOYED, and FU**ING BIRD! I WISH THIS BITCH WOULD ACTUALLY WORK AND APPLY HERSELF INSTEAD OF TRYING TO USE A CHILD AS A MEAL TICKET,” Brown wrote.

Breezy also posted a video ranting about how he is unfairly targeted and continues to blast Guzman. “I don’t get the benefit of the doubt as everybody else,” the R&B singer said. “Somebody making accusations and ninety percent of ya’ll believe it and it’s bullsh**. The last three weeks with all the accusations everyone know its false and even the people reporting it knows its BS. So in the midst of that it start to trickle down into my parenthood and me being a father. I take great pride in being a father and I love my daughter… I take issue with someone using my daughter as a meal ticket.”


Nia Guzman hit back saying that Chris Brown has been high while spending time with their daughter. “Let’s not forget how u were high as f**k around MY BABY! Let’s not forget how she was naked and no pamper with a house full of MEN!!!! …F**K YOUR MONEY… Your money ain’t with the safety of my baby,” she said on IG.