Beenie Man Responds To Death Hoax #Badmind

Beenie Man has finally address his death hoax reports.

Earlier this week news surfaced online claiming that the dancehall legend has died from complications related to Zika Virus and dengue fever. A rep for the deejay reached out to out shortly after confirming that he is alive and in good health.

Beenie Man posted a video last night on his Instagram account responding to the reports calling the perpetrators “badmind.” “At home with my daughter and heard that I died,” the Doc said. “Certain people need fi understand sehh dem bad energy cyaa hold wi! Wi #Unstoppable #HotAlbum.”


The “Unstoppable” deejay was chilling at home with his daughter when he got the news that he has died. “You see in life you have a thing called badmind and another thing called grudgefull,” Beenie told his daughter.