Shawty Lo Was Distraught About Father’s Death Before Accident

Shawty Lo‘s father’s death may have been weighing down on him heavy before that deadly accident on Wednesday morning.

The Atlanta rap legend lost his life in a single vehicle crash on I-285 in Atlanta this morning sending the rap community into mourning. We are now learning that his father died September 6 of a sudden heart attack and Shawty Lo took his passing very hard. Sources are saying that he got very depressed over his dad’s death.

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“He took it very hard and some of his close friends were at times deeply concerned about him,” sources said. “Lo and his father were very close so it was no surprise that he took his death so hard.”

Shawty Lo was reportedly partying at Blue Flame strip club on Harwell Road which is just a few miles away from the accident scene. He was traveling with two females in his white Audi A7 when he lost control and slammed into some trees. The rapper died on the scene but his two female passengers escape with non-life-threatening injuries.

Lo recently shot a video for his single “L2MF” which means “Letter To My Father.”