The Game ‘I Had Sex With Bac Chynna, Kim & Khloe’ All 3 Kardashians

The Game says he had sex with three Kardashians in his recent song and now he revealed them to be Blac Chynna, Kim and Khloe.

The Game has a huge problem with snitching but he is okay talking about all the women that he had relationship with. The Documentary emcee stopped by Wendy Williams on Tuesday where he sat down for a candid interview about the three Kardashians he has relationships with and also briefly touch on his beef with Meek Mill and Sean Kingston.

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Wendy Williams asked him direct questions about all the Kardashians including Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and the Jenner Sisters. Kourtney is perhaps the only one who got a solid “no.” Khloe he responded very vague “sometimes it gets late at night” but that was enough of a yes for Wendy. Kris also got a no and the Jenner sisters he says are not Kardashians.

When asked about Kim Kardashian, The Game says “I’ll tell you this. Kanye [West] is a really good friend of mine and they’ve got really beautiful kids and I don’t want to disrespect their family.” Blac Chyna is perhaps the only one he gets as close as possible to a yes “Chyna ain’t married yet…But it’s all good if it’s facts. And she cool too.”

The Game is currently promoting his upcoming album “1992” due for release next month. Meek Mill told his fans that the real reason why the former G-Unit emcee is beefing with him is because he wants to use the attention to promote his new album.

Speaking with Wendy about the origin of the album title, Game says that the year 1992 was the first time he joined a gang as a teenager growing up in Compton. He recalled being pulled in both directions of the notorious Crip and Bloods gangs.