Kevin Hart Featuring T.I. & Migos – Baller Alert Lyrics

(Intro – Quavo & Kevin Hart)
We know game
We know game!
We know game
We know game
Y’all thought, y’all thought we was a game, bi**h
We know game
Drop that beat!

(Pre Chorus – Quavo & Kevin Hart)
Ball player s**t, ball, ball player s**t
Ball player s**t, ball, ball player s**t
We know game
Oh this it
Ball player s**t, ball, ball player s**t
Ball player s**t, ladies, we bout to give up your plan
Ball player s**t, ball, ball player s**t
We know game

(Chorus – Quavo)
Baller alert, baller alert
Baller alert, baller alert
Baller alert, baller alert
Baller alert, baller alert

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Gotta make sure that my chains go with all my clothes
Gotta make sure that my cars match all my clothes
Skirt, skirt, skirt, skirt, skirt
With the draco
Quavo honcho can go places that you can’t go
So traditional
Keep the same bowls, same stove, that’s the way it go
Ain’t this what you here for? Hold up, hold up, wait
Now they say they want that Migo flow
Talk about bands and Kilos
Talk about break it down reload
Talk about re-up and re-up, re-up
Talk about gassing your Jeep up, vroom
Talking bout backing that Jeep up, beep
Talking bout falling and getting up, ay
My pockets they doing sit ups, sit-ups
I be right back, got a pick up, poof
They say it’s cheaper to leave em, cheaper
Baller alert on my beeper, verrrrp
Capping is cheaper, capping
Leave it to Beaver (leave it to B)
OG like Kobe, OG)
OG like Jeter, I’m a OG
I ring your block, run it like who?
Quavo A Peterson

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – T.I.)
Flexing my athleticism
They ought to show this s**t on television
Atlanta Falcon hoodie bomber
Your girl, she tryna get under my Under Armour
Kick it pimping,’ no extra points
They invitation, no hesitation
She accept to make it to my celebration
She balling hard with no sport agent
Need free agent, at least three, maybe four
Hit yo city lit everywhere we go
Throw it, I’ma make the catch incredible
Like Brandon Marshall
A coffee colored shawty with me everywhere
Ask me do I run it, hell yeah
Dripping sauce all over everything
I’m a real king, you a lil something
Boy, don’t make me pull the rings out the vault
I be showing off and ain’t even gotta talk
Shawty let me hit the hole like Marshall Faulk
Or maybe Barry Sanders
Got some cheerleaders, no love handles, okay
Ain’t nothing really, you betta MVP me, Von Miller
Quick as Cam Newton, Superman juking
Popping champagne at the pro game
When I told them I’ma win the whole thing
It ain’t no thing, hey
Baby, champion is my first name ya

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 3: -Takeoff)
Gotta keep the Draco because this world cold
The streets a PS4, I know the cheat code
Gotta make sure that those rose match my Amber Rose
Gotta make sure that my wardrobe matches with all my hoes
Tell that boy to stop acting bold before I wipe his nose
I love the kitchen so much went and bought a stove

(Verse 4 – Offset)
Go by and look at your purse
Balling that s**t don’t even hurt, ball
Pull up a Maybach or Hearse, Maybach
Go back and do your research, research
You cuff her I put her to work, working her
Call me a Lamb I skirt, skirt
Balling like Kendrick with Perk
Then I pop a half of a perc
Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath
Look at the way that they hate
We know the game like Peyton, We know the game
F**k her don’t come to the date
I took an eighth to the face, eighth
I caught an arsenics case, case
Because there is a bomb in my safe, boom
Diamonds that hit the bi**h face, whoa
She feel like she done got maced

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Kevin Hart)
You’ve been alerted
You’ve been alerted, bi**h! Brrrrp, brrrrp
Is that a bird or is that one of them chirp alarms?
I don’t know which one… Brrrrp, brrrrp
Cause that could be an alarm too!
It don’t have to be a bird
I’m just looking for clarity on my side
Either way, we fine
Either way the message is
The message has been given!
Baller alert, brrrrp, brrrp….git, git, git!
The question is: What now?