YFN Lucci Featuring Quavo, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz – Key To The Streets Remix Lyrics

(Intro – 2 Chainz)
Yeah, 2 Chainz, whoa

(Verse 1 – 2 Chainz)
I got the keys to the Wraith
Inside look like outer space, uh uhcs
I had a meal with no plate
I take myself out on dates, uh uh
I got the key to the mansion
Ho call my phone, I don’t answer
I f** a bi**h on a Banshee
My chandelier’ll start dancing, uh uh
I got the key to the Maybach
I got the key to the Phantom, uh uh
I got a .38 special
It got black tape round the handle, uh uh
I got a lock on my shoe
That’s a Buscemi pattern, yeah
Rest in peace Johnny, man
He had more keys than Khaled, yeah
All of my flows is violent, all of my hoes is solid
All of my hoes is naughty
When they expose their body, they got a pole beside it
Don’t need no clothes beside it
All of my hoes excited
If you got gas then light it
Got you a case? Then fight it
Empty the safe deposit, uh uh

(Chorus – Quavo & YFN Lucci)
I got money way before the deal
Put my bi**hes in new pair of heels
I might f**k your ho and pay her bills
Yeah we was taught to get it how we live, yeah
I got your ho on a leash
Got a plug, he Vietnamese
We the ni**as they wanna be
Cause we got the key to the streets
We got the key to the streets
Hey, we got the key to the streets
We got the key to the streets
Hey, we got the key to the streets

(Verse 2 – YFN Lucci)
We got key, we got key, we got key, ni**a
Put some extra on it, make your partner bleed with him
When it’s extra on, it ain’t guaranteed, ni**a
I put some extra on it, can’t believe I sold it
I’m a gangsta and your b**ch she love that
Looking at my ankle, I’m like, where the love at?
I’ve been jugging since a f**king rugrat
You probably was a rat, snitch
I’ve been closing deals way before the rap
Baking soda wrapped, try and get a bigger mount
Ni**as lying, told my kid can’t even get around
Ni**as lying, talking bout kid keep trying, don’t make a sound
I need my crown, ni**a I’m talking Nino Brown

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Wayne)
I told my bi**h I’ll get her a Birkin bag
I had no idea that s**t was 30 bands
F**k the record deal, I got sex appeal
Lit like an electric eel, fat rims, anorexic wheels
I got the key to the streets on my key chain
Like jang-a-lang, jang-a-lang
Ni**as naming names, doing anything for a famous name
And these hoes the same
We were supposed to change since Dr. King
We shall overcome, we never overcame
I take over the game, and if you think it’s a game
Then it’s all about the final score of the game
I put my woe in the game, I put my ho on the caine
Now we f**k more, gave my daughter the game
Ni**as all the same
And I done broke every heart but yours
I just pulled off from the gun store
And the Azure was something that’ll make you tuck yours
I got the keys to the streets
But I don’t need nothing but my feet for your front door
Lil daddy cause I’m Illmatic, I’m still at it
Now she looking at it, now she looking at me
Fly her to Miami, now the bi**h tanning
Now she looking khaki
I’m looking for it, purple Activg
I’ma sip it like a Virgin Daiquiri
In Cuba with my ni**a Dirty Harry
Walk a fine line with sturdy banisters
Got birdies landing, got murderers handy
I’ma take a power nap
Cause I done got so comfy in the trap, I forgot I rap
Plus I’m on so much s**t
My insides feeling like a lava lamp
Anybody trip, collar flap
You better tighten your bottle cap, little ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)