Vybz Kartel “Leave Me Out The Mavado and Popcaan Beef”

Vybz Kartel has no intentions of getting involved in the ongoing beef between his former nemesis Mavado and former protege Popcaan.

The Gullyside singjay and the Unruly Boss deejay have been going at each other since the start of the summer and no one is showing no signs of easing up. There have been more than half a dozen diss tracks coming out of either camp over the last two weeks.

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Vybz Kartel has also become a main topic in the war with his name often mention in diss songs but the incarcerated deejay says that he has no plans to get involve in any way shape or form. “Addi (Vybz Kartel) told me that he doesn’t want anything to do with this so called war between Vado and Poppy,” a rep for the World Boss told us.

“Some people are calling it a publicity stunt and not a real war but something smells fishy about it because we still don’t know what happened between the two of them. We thought that they were both friends with Drake and even collaborate last year so what happened to cause this now. It must be for Sting or something,” Kartel’s rep added.

Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder, famously beefed with Mavado in the Gully/Gaza feud in the mid to late 2000s. The two artists drew one of the biggest crowd’s to Sting in 2008. Mavado and Kartel have since made piece but the ripple effect from the era of dancehall is still being felt now in the form of Vado and Popcaan going after each other.

Do you think Vybz Kartel should defend Popcaan from a Mavado onslaught?