Lil Durk Featuring YFN Lucci – Rich Forever Lyrics

(Intro – Lil Durk & YFN Lucci)
The ni**as don’t know what the…feel like
I want sum day ones, I want a couple of ni*as too, you know
Day ones dem the ni**as I used to f**k, ya dig
Shoutout to my brothas

(Chorus Lil Durk)
I just lost my ni**a this summer
First show I did like look at this money
I tell em all the time, who see me coming
We really really really came from nothing like
I told my boys we rich forever
I told my boys we rich forever
Even though I do rapping, man we rich together
I told my boys we rich forever

(Verse 1 – YFN Lucci)
Ay I came from nothing
Caught sum stains as a yunging
I had to flip an onion
Now might blow a brick in hundreds
My ni**a B showed me the road, but ain’t s**t get funny
My ni**a Nut said I got it now, why they take him from me
I’m tryna face a f**k ni**a, he had faith in a young ni**a
My heart racing, I gotta take it so I’mma make for my ni**as
You got problem before you walk and have patience young ni**a
Yea, some days I feel like you waste a mil ni**a
So I’m fed up, killa keep on telling me keep my head up
Four shows a week, a ni**a way up
So we gon be rich forever, got my ni**as forever, yea,yea

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Durk)
Street ni**a wit label money, free Charles, he stayed 100
See Nuski, they took em from me, free Glocks for everybody
Just use em for whoever want it, 200 to California
Hooded y’all on that corner, I dab in this Arizona
Appeal money for 10 ni**as, can’t say no I gotta get it
Ain’t got grammys but got grims
Hit the room and go get it
Dthang wit me, where his
Number 1
Losing ni**s the worse

She like my cup, she dirty
But me, I can’t change
I tell her ain’t that perfect
I came from s**t, I came from mud, nothing
You ain’t blood, but we mud brothers
I lost my ni**as, I’m like f**k summer
Go, ay!

(Repeat Chorus)