Jahmiel – Instant Disaster (Popcaan, Tommy Lee & Notnice Diss) Lyrics

To all ma f**king enemies
Dem underestimate
Pu**y dem a try test mi faith

(Verse 1)
What if mi waan fi show the f**king world a better side
What if mi waan fi si the war thing and step aside
A nuh like mi cyaa meck no beritta rise
A simple thing fi crack yo f**king skull like pepper light
Si mi a easy and never know a suh mi bad
Member mi roll wid the bloodclaat Gully Gad
Diss Jahmiel pu**y hole you mussi mad
Dawg you nuh si a sense dem nuh f**king have
Mi try fi build a some pu**y a try draw mi out
Mi gideo wi buss dem head and that draw the crowd
A simple f**king thing fi left you marrow pon the road
Dem love fi chat wi put a shot in a dem horny mouth

Spanish Town just tell some rookie chill
Patriots too bad fi some pu**y kill
None a dem bombohole deh nuh start well
Dem nuh bad fi a represent Kartel

A mi strength some bwoy waan live after
Dem never know a instant disaster
Dawg, mi get that from mi father
Never grow fi chase like no Shibada

From Riverly, to Tivoly
Tell dem it hard fi get rid a wi
Mi success a go meck dem sick a mi
Dem a dump off Chump or Hilary

(Verse 2)
Notnice, member the browning weh you a wife up
You cyaa control her you give her knife cut
True shi have you secrets seh you like s**k
Like you nam front artist weh a try buss
Inna the gang him a the tallest man
Si a group a girl and him waan the smallest one
Bombohole you a pedophile
Ladies watch you babies cause him wi tek you child

A next thing, from some bwoy go sing bout nappy
Dem a think bout batty
Pu**y dem a try bring down Jahmi
Tell the bleach out fish try bring down bammy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Jahmiel talking)
Notnice you have yo puppet dem a sing a bag a diss song
Tell dem find a f**king hit song
And stop sing fiction
You si mi a seh Man work hard
Dem pu**y deh cyaa get no hype off a mi
Know that
Done know a feelings you a carry
True mi never sign the contract
But member you did tell mi seh mi lose mi talent G
So weh the badman thing fa now
Joke this, where were you pu**y?
The same thing meck Alkaline cut him off
The pu**y have a dutty heart
Don’t even have no time fi bomboclaat this
Back to mi rassclaat album
Unuh cyaa f**k up my street creds
Dem nuh great man as a youth weh hold real medz
Gunshot in a the freak head, the freak dead
Full him a grains like wheat bred