Mavado – Dem Dead A Ready (Popcaan Diss) Lyrics

This come like joke to mi
The bwoy should a hear when mommy tell you put yo weapon down
Seet, a Maddens fridge the pu**y deh pon now
Him dead yah now
Jah know

(Verse 1)
You nuh man you fi stop chase
Poppy mine mi buss a shot in a yo frock face
Meck mi rise every rifle from out a the gully
Send you six foot deep between black space

None a you friend cyaa war mi
Pu**y when you si mi try harm mi
Gully-Side kill you and yo army
Left dem stink like Sharon punanny
Straight up mi nuh call this a victory
Jah know, unuh call this a big man a beat up a pickney
Weh nuh grow
All mi fans dem a laugh this yah war yah nuh fit mi
Done know man a murderer strictly
Dem a fire RPG weh go miss
The 40″ still a full him up a shot like 50

Mi a talk Mac-90 rifle, 45 callo
Yo killy-killy dem a money friends weh you barrow
My war arrow, gun powder pon marrow
Lear that in a yo blood claat head tomorrow

You nuh ready fi the war
Everybody a laugh, nuh ready
Dead already
Mi a kill bwoy from long time
Oh from long time
Pu**y come a talk and never know him a put him foot in a landmine

(Verse 2)
When mi a kill people
Him a get box up and beating
Cry every-time when him boss call a meeting
Him waan dead a flop-corn duppy season
Fi kill dem mi nuh need 30 reason
Yo one line bout dutty dread
Fish bwoy wid the bubbles in a f**king head
Rock off and pop off…all yo puppy dead
Step over dem yard and kill all who nuh fi dead
Come a gwaan like a Tuffy dem
Anyweh a Cherry Gardens mi go fi dem
Come a chat like Nuffy dem
Kill dem easy, badness a nuh fi dem

Then nuh you come a mi yard in a style
Tell you Unruly fans seh you sleep paw mi tile
Look how mi could a kill you in a yo sleep and smile
Gully-Side rifle soak in a oil
Portmore feed him to the crocodile
A wa tek St.Thomas croco-child
man a control, yeah the streets have you file
You nuh si underpants get yo killy dem wild
You dead

(Repeat Chorus)