DeJ Loaf – Snakes Lyrics

Yo, fear what you don’t know
I know why you mad

(Verse 1)
I’ve learned, you gotta be smarter than them ni**as
Out work your opponents, do s**t independent
If you ain’t where you wanna be, why the f**k are you chilling?
Keep putting your life in danger, who gon take care of them children?
Who gon watch them babies? Kill a ni**a like whoops-e-daisy
Ni**a Slim Shady made it
From Detroit, the place that made me
I done made money
But I never let the money make me
I be fly as f**k, I wear nothing basic
These are Cartiers, I can’t see em Raybands
I got the vision of a winner and it’s ching-ching-cing
Every time I come around your city, bling-bling
You been a pu**y since the sandbox
Kitty litter, kitty litter, pu**y ni**a, pu**y ni**a
Yeah, get em, get em
Run up on em, make him feel it, feel it
Yeah you be talking like you really with it
Always talking bout getting rid of ni**as
Always talking bout killing ni**as wassup
Get advice for a chicken dinner
Ni**a that’s a 20 piece, straight tenders
Go ahead taste, put your fingers in it
Finger licking

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I’m just tryna speak my mind
Y’all don’t understand what it takes
To keep this s**t flowing, we gon win regardless

(Verse 2)
Snakes, they ain’t too far, they in your face
The closest ones ain’t who they say
Envy, jealousy, hate
Gotta get em out the way
Before it’s too late
And these bi**hes are too fake
Gemini yeah two faced
I got two words, f**k you
F**k you
I take care of my mama
Then you gotta go
Killers at your head, yeah
Whole eggs for breakfast, no cereal