Travis Scott Featuring André 3000 – the endd Lyrics

(Intro – Travis Scott)
2AM hollering outside
Looking but I cannot find
Don’t you fall asleep this time
I been on a long way drive
Only you can stand my mind
Only you can fix inside
So if I make it out tonight
Let’s make it a badass time

(Verse 1 – Travis Scott)
Okay, I got it, copy
20/20, but I can’t see nobody
One eye open, Illuminati
This might be the verse that make em drop me
Ain’t making friends, we just making hobbies
No that wasn’t my girl, that was just a hobby
Call her 50, tell em load up the lobby
Elevator up, no need to find me
Yeah, yeah
X-ray vision, see through you ni**as
Newspaper stand, we press the issue
We ain’t sending shots, we launching missiles
Right up at your hood and load
Checking Third Ward, I’m going mental
F**king out my room, I’ve been racking up incidentals
Cooking on a tune, I been cheffing up instrumentals
Nothing else to do when you’re riding in the
When you riding in the, in the back of the back seat
Driver run the miles up like I’m running a track meet
Gotta watch my back now, cause these ni**as at me
All black in a Benz when I pull up on you

(Chorus – Travis Scott)
They don’t want to see me in the ends, in the ends
Let me catch you creeping, yeah, if I was dead, in the ends
From the tribe of check-a-hoe like Indian
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

(Verse 2 – Andre 3000)
Today I’mma take a cheque and cancel left
I guess it’s all survival but please be careful
I gave up on the Bible long time ago
I hope it ain’t give up on me, I don’t know
I came up in the town, they were murdering kids
And dumped them in the creek up from where I live
Bodies, bodies, bodies sprinkled around
We running through the sprinkler looking around
Killer would show up with boxes of pizza
And said he had a label recruiting people
Put that on my grandma and everything
My homie said he told em his name was Wayne
It could’ve been me or could’ve been you too
What a memory in me, needing to lose
What’s gon patch up my intertube
So I could pop a wheelie and walk it too

(Outro – Travis Scott)
Oh yeah, La Flame with the nappy fro now
In the ends, I’mma kick your door down
Oh yeah, we keep wilding out the Mo now
Oh yeah, keep that 300 zero when I pull up on ya