Mavado – Way We Roll Lyrics

Dem love the way mi roll
Dem love the way mi roll

Hear mi nuh Tryton
Mi nuh show off mi nuh hype pon
Suh dem love the way mi roll

(Verse 1)
Yes a suh mi cool and do it
Yes a suh the real man do it
Bet you seh mi laugh and do it
Anything mi do you know dem cyaa undo it
Mi big time, am so proud of myself big time
Big time, big time

Mi boss up pon dem that a weh mi do
That a weh mi do
The greatest things in life dem haffi seh mi do
You better seh mi do

Mi still have the whole world in a mi hands
Still a sing the hit, still a meck the millions
Still a f**k a bag a gyal
Weh you a call a bag a man
Dem a seh some bwoy lame like the verse a dem song

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy a real poppy show globally
Vex true fi dem gyal a mad over mi
A one a day mi nuh need nobody
Mi kids dem cute Mammy suh proud a mi
Internationally, dem just locally
Some bwoy just clean since dem know Addi
You si long before mi buss the gyal dem powder mi
Dem a seh mi voice sweet and vogally

(Repeat Chorus)