G-Unit Featuring Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd & Lloyd Banks – Dreams Lyrics

Yeah, see me, see me
Whoo Kid

(Verse 1 – Kidd Kidd)
It all started with this bi**h named Tina
Met her at La Marina
Didn’t judge a book by the cover but it was easy to read her
See I’m too hood, she too diva, only give it when you eat her
Out to eat when you treat her
B**ch I ain’t FEMA
The word on the street, she got that Aquifina
But the pu**y wetter than Katrina, she’s a keeper
But I don’t need her
She ain’t an IGer but she scrolling through my pics
Checking every comment from a bi**h
Glad she ain’t leave one
You find a good one, keep her, that’s what I was told
But every thing that glitters just ain’t gold
She’s a centerfold
Looking for a ni**a with some bread to get a dinner roll
Just another actor looking

(Chorus – Lloyd Banks)
I need somebody that can relate to bein from the street
She’s gettinb naked on the walk and I ain’t come to speak
I think I found her, probably switch up in another week
I’m tryna hit the club, prolly never get no sleep
She done fell in love, I’m just tryna keep it cool
I hear you talking but nobody wanna be the fool
Million dollar ni**a, had a dream and seen it through
Old b**ches acting different, everything is new

(Verse 2 – Lloyd Banks)
She told you what was gong be there waiting on you know she faking
She’s making moves and that isovers…tatement
Can’t hold no patience, RIP you lost your girl to pimping
The one that used to hold you down, feels like your world is slipping
She’s over prison, wanna fly and see the world my ni**a
Nothing you hit her for the settlement insurance flipper
Free porn, I’m with her
Got an a*s so fat look like it’s custom
I always got somebody’s heart to trust em
You put all that work in for nothing
Nothing be success
You had players and I mean the best
So what’s next? Blue dream and checks
Don’t love to…the steps
Got over good, you keep the rest
Plenty cheaters out here if you need a test

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Tony Yayo)
Bags from Barney’s with no flaws
She prays like them saints on the church walls
Carry on luggages Mark Cross
And Valentino bags on Valentines
She independent baby girl got her own grind
She got morals, got a masters, and the whole nine
She playing hard to get
Real hood but a classic chick
If her phone is face down she on some cheating s**t
Watch these rap ni**as get all up in her guts
European time eiffel tower lighting up
You on real ni**a time so bi**h hurry up
This a 216, get your a*s in my truck

(Repeat Chorus)