G-Unit Featuring Kidd Kidd, Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks – Worldwide Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah let’s slow it down Whoo Kid

(Chorus – Tony Yayo)
We some worldwide ni**as cut the line in immigration
European time different
We some worldwide ni**as man we came from the bottom
Now we on some black riches
Y’all ni**as local, we worldwide
Y’all ni**as local, we worldwide
Y’all ni**as local, we worldwide
Y’all ni**as local, we worldwide

(Verse 1 – Lloyd Banks)
Your problem
They got me out the bottom, I’m designer Pete
Competition getting stomped, defeat
How can y’all compete?
Masterpiece for mansion, wrist for hire or your time is cheap
Pray the Lord your mind’ll keep
Lose it right on survivor’s street
Never turning back on this life
Hope I live twice
Traps all over let the weeps in, taught you few times a night
You see the…the same goal powerful minds alike
Success up under this got these bi**hes sour, few thousand fights
I leave the world while rapping
I shake the ground, the…collapsing
In the, international, fit me in foreign fashion
I just took the whip about 160, my commas laughing
Getting money sit up man couldn’t get me, I’m in traffic
Reputation dead on impact, I’m bombing accurate
You gong settle for the…smoking, I wanted that s**t
Winnin’s always in the conversation, you going backwards
Never been no room for f**king up and ain’t no passes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Kidd Kidd)
I’m not used to ordinary ni**as
Derrick Fishers, merry Christmas
It’s a Kidd gift when I rap to every listeners
It’s the story, born loser grew to be a winner
Microwave hot pocket for dinner
Pockets thinner
Now I can’t fish sh*t up in em
Versace denim, Versace robe
My cousin used to beat my ass from stealing all his clothes
Flashbacks getting laughed at by all these hoes
But I got something for all of you haters
All of this paper
I hope you catch all of the vapors
F**k all your favors
And I’m my brother’s keeper can’t kill
They say you can’t eat, you gotta turn the table
Rest in peace Nate Dogg, y’all better lay low
Ferarris in the garage, pulling hard since I was stable
Hey f**k the industry word to my brother Yayo
I’m an a-hole
If you say so, my paper’s great though