Chief Keef – Burn Up Lyrics

Turn up
Run up, turn up, gun up, burn up
Turn up
Run up, turn up, gun up, burn up
Turn up
Run up, turn up, gun up, burn up
Turn up

(Verse 1)
Run up then I’m gonna run up, ni**a run up if you wanna
Turn up ni**a if you wanna yo ass gonna get gun up
Gun down, gunner, gun down, gun down, ni**a
Man down ni**a, run up ni**a
You ain’t no nuh-nuh, ni**a
You don’t want none of this, ni**a
Whaddup ni**a, whassup ni**a
Coming through ni**a, buck buck ni**a
Tough love with this f**k Glock, ni**a
Run up ni**a, get burn up ni**a
I was cooling in my lil cash spot
Pull up ni**a, whaddup ni**a
I was cooling in, playing Xbox
Gun up ni**a, buck up ni**a
All of my ni**as got dreadlocks
Which one of us, ni**a, come for ya, ni**a
I just flex with my flex watch
Like whassup ni**a, turn up ni**a
It ain’t no lil watch, it’s a big watch
Turn up ni**a, turn up ni**a
Big ass 50, it be thinking bout it
Gun up ni**a, burn up ni**a

(Verse 2)
This ni**a say he wanna turn up
I heard that he don’t have a gun up
He come for me, he better have his gun up
Cuz it’s dangerous, my gun is hunger
Reek, make a ni**a bleed
Do his head, his nose and his teeth
I cool with the B’s, I cool with the C’s
All them ni**as know Chief Keef
I’m like turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up
Finna hit the club, turn up, turn up
A ni**a act up he get burned up, burned up
No talking, just burn em, burn em
Run up on em with this 40
Run up on em with this shotty
It’s a 12 gauge buck shots in that hoe, bout 40
Cuz I brought some extra s**t, cuz I am an extra ni**a
Everything is do extra, ni**as in their extra feelings

(Repeat Chorus)