Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert – Bad and Boujee Lyrics

(Intro – Offset)
You know young rich ni**as
You know so we never really had no old money
We got a whole lotta new money though, hah
If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot ya

(Chorus – Offset)
Raindrops, drop tops, drop top
Smoking on cookie in the hotbox cookie
F**ing on your bi**h she a thot, thot, thot, thot
Cooking up dope in the crockpot, pot
We came from nothing to something ni**a, hey
I don’t trust nobody with the trigger, nobody
Call up the gang, they come and get you, gang
Cry me a river, give you a tissue, hey
My bi**h is bad and boujee, bad
Cooking up dope with an Uzi, blaow
My ni**as is savage, ruthless, savage
We got 30’s and 100 rounds too, grrah
My bi**h is bad and boujee, bad
Cooking up dope with an Uzi, dope
My ni**as is savage, ruthless, hey
We got 30’s and 100 rounds too, glah

(Verse 1 – Offset)
Offset, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
Rackings on rackings, got backends on backends
I’m riding around in a coupe, coupe
I take your b**ch right from you, you
B**ch I’m a dog, woof, grrr
Beat the ho walls loose, hey
Hop in the frog, woah, skrt
I tell that bi**h to come for me, come for me
I swear these ni**as under me, hey
They hate and the devil keep jumping me, jumping me
Bankrolls on me keep me company, cash
We did the most, yeah
Pull up in Ghosts, yeah, woo
My diamonds a choker, glah
Holding the fire with no holster, blaow
Rick The Ruler, diamonds cooler, cooler
This a Rollie not a Mueller, hey
Dabbing on em like the usual, dab
Magic with the brick, do voodoo, magic
Court side with a bad bi**h, bi**h
Then I send the bi**h through Uber, go
I’m young and rich and plus I’m boujee, hey
I’m not stupid so I keep the Uzi, rrrah
Rackings on rackings, got backends on backends
So my money making my back ache
You ni**as got a low Act’ rate, Act
We from the Nawf, yeah dat way, Nawf
Fat cookie blunt in the ash tray, cookie
Two bi**hes, just national smash day, smash
Hop in the Lamb, have a drag race, skrt
I let them birds take a bath bae, brrrrr

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
Pour a four, I’m dropping muddy
Outer space, KiD CuDi, drank
Introduce me your bi**h ass wifey and we know she sluttin
Broke a brick down, nutty buddy, now that ni**a ducking
Don’t move too fast I might shoot you, huh?
Draco bad and boujee, Draco
I’m always hanging with shooters, brrah
Might be posted somewhere secluded, private
Still be playing with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille
Run with that sack, call me Boobie, run with it
When I’m on stage show me boobies, ay
Ice on my neck, I’m the coolest, ice
How about the suicide with the Uzi?
I pull up, I pull up, I pull up
I hop out with all of the drugs in the cooler, skrt
I’m cooking, I’m cooking, I’m whipping, I’m whipping into a rock up, let it lock up, lock up
I gave her 10 racks, I told her go shopping and spend it all at the pop up, ten
These bi**hes they f**k and s**k d**k and they busting for Instagram, get your clout up
Uh, yeah, dat way, float on the track like a Segway, go
Yeah, dat way, I used to trap by the subway, trapping
Yeah, dat way, young ni**a trap with the AK, rrrah
Yeah, dat way, big dyke ho get it on, Macy Gray, hey

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Uzi Vert)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, my bi**h she bad to the bone, ay
Wait, these ni**as watching, I swear to God they be my clones
Yeah, hey, huh, switching my hoes like my flows, what?
Switching my flows like my clothes, like what?
Keep on shooting that gun, don’t reload
Oh, oh, now she won’t f**k with my crew
Cause the money come all out the roof
Drive the Rari, that bi**h got no roof, skrt
Wait, what kind of Rari? 458, damn
All of these ni**as, they hate, they hate
Try to hot you through the gate
Look, go to the strip club, make it rain, rain
So much money they use rakes
Count 100,000 in your face, in your face
Yeah, they put 300 right in the safe
Met her today, oh
She talk to me like she knew me, yah
Go to sleep in a jacuzzi, yah
Yeah, waking up right to a two piece, yah
Counting that paper like loose leaf, yah
Getting that chicken with blue cheese, yah
Yeah, boy you so fake like my collar
You snaking, I swear to God that be that Gucci, ay
And you know we winning, winnin
Yeah, we is not losing
Try to play your song, it ain’t move me, what?
Saw your girl once now she choose me, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)