Mavado – Dem Run een (Popcaan Diss) Lyrics

Dem swear dem get weh
Go, go, go, go fi dem

This a one thing weh mi nuh understand hi nuh
From some bwoy start grow underpants dem swear dem turn man hi nuh
Like da likkle pu**y deh weh try rise against the don hi nuh
Well anything a anything the war start dem fi know weh dem stand hi nuh

(Verse 1)
Portmore seh fi step pass the father go murder the son
Pu**y you wi get five in a yo face fi the word a you tongue
You nuh bad don’t seh you damn bad
Traitor you nuh worth a likkle grand bag
Full the pu**y up a copper like sand bag
Bwoy weh get box down could a never style Gaad

Jah know, dem run in and it was so easy fi mi kill dem
But mi laugh, caw mi nuh kill likkle children
If dem meck mi head hurt like teeth and mi nuh fill dem
Mi seh a one bag a lip dem, mi meck Maddens pick up and keep dem

(Verse 2)
Dem feel dem bad
Gully side pass through wi still a leave dead body
Dem head a leave dem body
Go tell bright light pick up 3 dead body

Badness and a nuh hide and sing song
Dem a look a hype fi a sting song
Tell the miggi, tell the king kong
Teck bullet in a belly from the Ingram

Mi drive by and mi nozzle shot a fling from
A my style dem a sing and meck a thing from
Wa dem turn the god?  Weh dem get the king from?
Dem dead to me well a deh suh it a spring from

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Waltom, tell the pu**y dem fi nuh size up
Cut dem throat left dem eyes up
Kill all dem ghost weh a rise up
You si the likkle fry fries dem fries up
The place stink, the flies, flies dem flies up
You nuh bad fi tek a shot, tek a slice up
You start war and come give you f**king life up
From you enter you give you f**king lights up

Likkle bwoy
Know yo space or hold a dead space
Bullet in a you head space
We govern the street wi nuh beg place
Man wi turn yo likkle base in a head place

(Repeat Chorus)