Usher Featuring A$AP Ferg, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott & Master P – No Limit (G-Mix) Lyrics

(Intro – Usher)
Yeah I meant what I said on the first one
Not long then I’m coming with the new one
Yeah I know, y’all been waiting for a minute
That’s what I do, keep it no limit
G-Mix! Yep yep, Ursher baby
Yeah, yeah

(Chorus – Usher)
Make you say uh, no limit
T Scott and Master P with me, no limit baby
2 Chainz and Gucci mane, no limit
Yeah, Eastside Ferg, not the re but the G-Mix
There’s no limit baby
Make you say uh, no limit
I C-MuMu-Murder that, no limit baby
Give you that ghetto D girl, no limit
Just know when you roll with a ni**a like me
There’s no limit baby, G-Mix

(Verse 1 – Master P & Usher)
More money, more b**ches gon love ya
I got the hook up, it’s nothing
I park the Phantom, we f**king, I told her friend that we wasn’t
I told her man that we cousins
I made this remix for Usher, did it for Travis and hustling
I gave the game to my youngsters
I showed em how to get paper
We taking trips to Jamaica
I’ve been bout it bout it, since bout It, bout It
Bad bi**hes gon come up out it
We ain’t even gotta talk about it
No Limit boys get rowdy-rowdy
Shawty bad, I won’t try that
Say she want it, I’ma buy that
All this ice get them panties wet
Ughhh, it’ll ride that
G-Mix, yeah yeah

(Verse 2 – Gucci Mane)
I done f**ked with this one and that one, a white one, a black one
I’ve been there and done that now I ain’t even on that
But these hoes ain’t on s**t anyway
And at the end of the day man I don’t even want that
I lucked up then I f**ked up and we broke up
Then we made up but I got locked back up
But it ain’t how you fall, it’s how you get right back up
I’m a one man army and my b**ch my back up
Now it’s sit ups, pull ups, drips, and push ups
Thinking bout the one who kept it triller
That’s my chick, she kept it realer
None of these hoes ain’t f**king with her
You my private soldier mama, can I call you meal?
It’s truly ain’t no limit bae and I can’t wait to see you
Everything you think you want, know I can’t wait to give
Let’s lay a rock solid foundation bae cause I just wanna build
Your wildest dreams and fantasies, the way that you should live
Like Master P with golden ceilings babe and diamond chandeliers

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – 2 Chainz)
Okay you’re fine, shawty you know that you’re fine
I pull you out of the line
Then I recline, I put it right in your spine
I make you smile all the time
I pour you wine, I’m putting Act into mine
I take it back like rewind
I take you back, put you in back of the Bach
I got my hand on your thighs
I am the ice cream man, no limit
Pull up in a two seater with four women baby
Mouth full of golds, lick you from your head to your toes
All these lame dudes get exposed
Only the real, I give an F how you feel
I spent a check on these clothes
I make a wish on a rose, I got the stars on the roof
I am a dog, I go woof
I am the sh*t, I am the Pepe Le Pew
I got a rep in the crew
I got a plan with a partna, I got her out of the Honda
I just might get her a tank
I give a f**k what you think
Takin gselfies in the bank

(Verse 4 – A$AP Ferg)
I’m Silkk The Shocker, clothes designer, Fendi, Prada
Mama got the illest nana
Beat it proper, eat it up just like desire
Make me holler oh my God
Mommy, daddy, but I’m father from her father
Smoke the coochie up like marijuana
Do the honors, long as she mow the lawn up
Make her scream like uhhh
I’m the new Dave P Miller, yeah
Might ball in that chinchilla, ay
Probably try out for the A, ay
Cause I score more than these ni**as, ay
Remember them TV dinners
And never go to Nevel’s for the mean dinner, ay
I’ma go with the grilled steak, ay
Swear it feel good to be richer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 5 – Travis Scott)
Silkk The Shocker with the bandana tied sideways, yeah
Master P, no gold teeth, I got the diamonds in it
I’ve been minding my business, you’ve been minding mine
If the love has no limit, why your ass decline? straight up
All these cell phone minutes, all these written rhymes, yeah, yeah
Just one thing to make this finish if you cross the line, yeah
Eat, sleep, f**k, sleep, f**k
Yeah, all day, that’s my baby, yeah
She private, party, to keep me, started
Baby, party, these diamonds, cost forty
All this money gotta count for something, yeah
Keep that s**t no limit, f**k 100, straight up

(Outro – Usher)
Make you say uh, no limit
She put that Master P on me, no limit baby
Got her sitting court side, no limit
Just know how it go if you put it on me
There’s no limit baby
Make you say uh, no limit
I C-MuMu-Mu-Murder that, no limit baby
Give you that ghetto D girl, no limit
Just know when you call and request it
Y’all asked for the G-Mix