Papoose Featuring Betty Wright & DJ Khaled – Holy Key (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – DJ Khaled & Papoose)
We The Best Music
DJ Khaled
Another one
Papoose, Papoose

(Verse 1 – Papoose & DJ Khaled)
Snake guys and their girly ways
They be hating, trying to send me to an early grave
Every day they’re losing when I reverse the hate
And spit the venom back into the serpent’s face
We The Best Music!
The city’s mine, I got to protect it
Your chances are looking slim like they’re anorexic
Perpetrating, it’s clear that you’re not a G
You even lie to yourself so why would you not lie to me?
I’m from Hip-Hop’s house menace, started out easy, easy!
Told me God bless me – I wasn’t even sneezing
Heavy bling, rapping with jewels – that’s what I’m teaching
So I spit and live in color like…Yeah!
Don’t judge a book by its cover – judge who made the chapter
The rest through
Papoose to the rescue
Stop it hater, I’ve got the desert eagle aiming at wack rappers
My hands stay on the desert just like a f**king cactus
Lately I’ve been getting lots of harassment
I deal with knowledge itself so I put the man in Manhattan
These lames claiming they’re trapping
But they get caught where they trap, man
Cause they be talking and yapping
Till they’re jammed up in traffic
Ni**as jealous who the real Clyde and who the real Bonnie
Won’t let a snitch trap me off…that’s how they killed Gotti
Who speaking from speculation
Rising on em, levitating
Put the metal, wet your mouth, now you’re looking like you’ve got braces
Kids of all different ages
Slipping and catching cases
So they try em as adults, lock em up in em cages
Now they’re bound to live with races
Cussing each other faces
If you’ve met me, you’ve got to deal with the only G
Came out the Mecca giving you this…with and potency

(Chorus – Betty Wright & DJ Khaled)
And I’mma celebrate it for a long time
The drama couldn’t break me, now it’s all mine
Surrounded by my angels and we all shine
Holy, holy, holy, holy key Holy key!
And I’mma celebrate it for a long time
The drama couldn’t break me, now it’s all mine
Surrounded by my angels and we all shine
Holy, holy, holy, holy key, holy key!

(Verse 2 – Papoose)
They violated us
So we threw them under the bus what!?
The tires ran him over, the driver was in a rush
Family over everything
Black stones in my wedding ring
It signifies black love
And love is stronger than lust yeah!
I don’t take offense and walk, what kind of punk is that?
Heard you like to talk to the law…you’re a f**king rat
I don’t hesitate, I just shoot em and let em shake, shake
Hit the exit and then I head to another state
I shoot a verse then I dare to murk em in speeding ways
I’m Kanye West, you’re Taylor Swift..the VMA’s Hah!
Your architectures are….but the route wasn’t finished
So we’re going blow this double screw forth, shoot through the ceilings
Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom are more than friends
The Illuminati caused conditions to slaughter men
They don’t reach your rights
Decrease your rights
Your rights reduced
He who carries the light
Carried the light to you
So whatchu going to do?
Carry coffins you could never walk with
Don’t you lie to me
Smack your melon off, I’m leaving you thoughtless
For trying to dream
They applaud my performance, you’re boring
Ain’t desire me
Moving like a dog and came a menace to society
Bring a torch in your office, I torture you entirely
Stuff a sock in your mouth cause I’m slaughtering you quietly
Come up off it, I’m extorting your whole so proprietary
Metamorphed into something enormous from a tiny seed
Life is awesome, I’m ruling the jungle…I’m the lion king
You’re the king of lying when rhyming dramatic irony
Keep a hawk that’s as long as the…on the side of me
Papoose walks with the….and you cross him, he going fire three
I don’t like, keep a knife with me
The diarrhea
I’ve done stabbed some ni**as for trying to violate me
Smacking a savage, I’ve been rapping for dedication
When you’ve got a lawyer team you can…your team that

(Repeat Chorus)