Migos Featuring Young Thug – Cocoon (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – Young Thug)
Brand new Fubu, ooh-ohh
Fat Albert on the side of my shoes, ooh, ohh
Big teeth right in front of my Loubs, oh, ohh
Going monkey like a f**kin baboon, oh, ohh
HAAA! Thugger!

(Verse 1 – Young Thug)
Rag top, ni**a, f**k around and say
Shot up right up your block, Shot right up your block
Every time I pull up the LIV, I’m in a half a million dollar car Skrt skrt skrt
Kick rocks, ni**a, get away from my bars kick rocks ni**a
I’m bleeding red, man I’m bleeding bad
Shawty winning, balling out
Take a molly then I stall out
She tried to put my dogs in her dog house
When they smell fear you know they popping off
I’ma go and f**k your daughter study law
I’ma stand for what I believe till I fall
If I never said it, I’m saying it right now
Say what you want I’ma shame her pride now
Everybody say f**k the feds and five-o
Yeah, everybody dance now, smile now
I’ma make a public announcement, call now
Turn to a blood, them A’s went down now
Kinda good looking, them bi**hes fine now
I’ma drip some red on the sauna
I’ma cop the bread when it’s all gone
I get a machete on for you
Sleeping on that bi**h like I’m comfortable

(Chorus – Quavo)
When I take drugs I go to the moon
Lil spoiled bi**h, 2000 on shoes
Walk in the club with one bi**h, leave with two
By myself at the top like cocoon
When I’m in the coupe I feel like a cocoon
Designer gifts red bottoms baboon
We the wave, we the wave, typhoon
Take her out of the hills to f**k with some goons
Now she breaking pounds in my room

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
I put the fours on em
Came from jugging with bowl homie
Now look all this rose gold, gold yellow gold, gold, gold on me
Yeah mob ties frog eyes
What a time to be alive
No neighbors
House on the hill with the acres
Don’t date her
Running through the squad slave her
I’m the mayor
President Huncho a player
Twin chopper Sonic and Tails
Twin chopper Sonic and Tails
Ni**as love when the birds sing
White cocaine Pinky and the Brain
Love when the box hit the mail
I love when the player wanna bail
I hate when a ni**a want problems
But I love to give a ni**a shells
God protect me from the evil
Take the squad out the cheetah
Streets crawling like beetles
But the Stanley Steamer keep me cleaner
You got it out the mud I got it out the oil
You heard the cash prince ni**as on Forbes
I’m the plug, extension cord
Got your favorite model on drugs If you ain’t know it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
Ay, I ain’t tryna save em
Momma said don’t let em no where you lay at
Old bi**hes back in the day use to play bad
I’m a pull up flexing in the Maybach
Northside ni**a but we bought the A back
I’m a beat the motherf**ker make his face flat
Hit it from the back back baby throw it back
Have a heart attack, can you handle that?
Maison Margiela dabbing on everybody
I’m on the codeine moving like a dead body
Bad bi**h went to college but she real thotty
That’s the reason I can’t even trust nobody
Celine and supreme I’m the dab daddy
She coming home with me when she mad at ya
S**king on me buckling my knees throw a bag at ya
Molly feel like Hercules when a ni**a jab at ya
Hold on wait, Hopping in the Wraith
Stars in the ceiling like I’m living out of space
Manoeuvre like a boss we don’t ever leave a trace
Dirty Diana the chopper keep a ni**a safe
F**king a model bi**hes big booty little waist
I’m putting the money over these bi**hes any day
This one for the people that taking drugs everyday
F**k what they say let the pain go away

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Takeoff)
Pinky codeine and mushrooms
Sweep a ni**a like I was a broom
I be going up like a balloon
Chop a ni**a with the bamboo in Cancun
20 bi**hes running round nude
I f**k her bottom we f**king them by the two
I got water dripping out my jewels
If it ain’t Actavis ni**a it ain’t approved
Migo the gang we will never lose
So many bi**hes might catch me on Shade room
Got a Pit bull thinking bout copping a Baboon
Free all my ni**as like a movie they coming soon
When I’m in the coupe I feel like I’m in a cacoon
Ten bi**hes ready up at the Boom Boom Room
Acting a John but I ain’t Tune

(Repeat Chorus)