Chinx – Match That Lyrics

Bands in my pocket match the car color
Yeah guess a ni**a match that
I got the high score
You know a ni**a match that
Everything I do is siamese, double
Yeah a ni**a match that
I dump 100,000 on the tape, dump it
Told em ni**as match that

Match it up, match it up, up
Match it up, ma-ma-match it up
Match it up, match it up, up
Ma-ma-match it up
Came in with the toolie, you only need one
I got your shooters too and double ones
F**king round I’ma go and get a drummer sound

(Verse 1)
Balenciaga match the coat, I had to match that
Pull up with my homie to the venue in a double matte max
Back it up, I told that bi**h to come and back it up
Then she came in with her twin, tried to back me down
I call my ni**as Stokes to come back me up
Did our thing and told em see em when we back in town
Hit the alley then a ni**a hit the fence
Pistol D’s grabbed him now they tryna match the prints
Ma-ma-match up
Ni**a moving work up out the trap
Tryna cleanse another 100,000 out the stack-stack
Stack it up
Some fishy s**t ain’t adding up
She ain’t the bi**h that was up in my DM, s**t ain’t matching up
I put my key, you put your key in
Whole lotta paper we be seeing, match that

(Repeat Bridge)

(Verse 2)
Yeah, ni**a lately I’ve been seeing double
F**k it, I see that money double time
I bagged this bi**h, she was a pisces
Thinking damn, that bi**h is a double sign
Yeah, two
After the club I pull the car out the…spot out on 250
I told that bi**h that if she like it, double tap it up
Austin laced me with the beat, I had to burn it down
I ain’t have no more room in the car
But if she thirsty and she still wanna roll that, lap it up
I’ve let a ni**a double park
Ni**as cursing at me cause I’m backing all the traffic up
I saw a bi**h, don’t give me head like my main do
So I had to cut her off cause she couldn’t match that

(Repeat Bridge)