Vybz Kartel Gets Another Family Visit In Prison, Deejay In Good Spirit

Vybz Kartel got another family visit from hiw wife Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson and his three sons.

Our sources say that the deejay is in good spirit and was happy to spend the day with his family. “These talks about Addi not being is good spirit is a lie the deejay couldn’t be more happy and optimistic,” sources told us.

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Kartel’s eldest son Little Addi has passed his GSAT exam and will be heading to Calabar High School in Kingston, the same school that the dancehall star attended.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is serving a life sentence in prison for murder. He is now awaiting his first hearing for his appeal. If he looses his appeal, the deejay will have to serve out his entire sentence.

Vybz Kartel family visit 2016


  1. world boss aka Kartel, god still bless you, one day your nay sayer will be at your feet

  2. I would never take no kid under age 16 to visit no dad or mom in prison, they are in prison for a reason, quit hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    • but you send them to kill people across the world, them the bible talk about hypocrites

    • even if you the parent believe your husband is innocent…think people,that why your jesus say the one without sin throw the first stone….

  3. I wonder how much damage is being done to these children by their parents bleaching.

    • None dem good

    • the same amount done to your kids and family for your badmind and wicked ways

      • I thought your mother taught you better than that? ? So these two should be the only ones in the family to achieve the so called upward mobility, really? What about their children? ?

      • from what i have seen, is that they are smart accomplished individual,and good come from bad all the time,they see what not to do to reach where there father is at,second you would have not visit jesus in jail with your kids,are you would have done it for jesus but not your fellow man.that action seem hypocritical.

      • I’ve never mentioned anything about Jesus nor did I mention anything about them visiting him in prison. I mainly suggested that it’s practically retarted for them to continue to bleach their skin yet have black children that are darker than they are. My main issue is with the mother of these children. Kids shouldn’t have to accommodate their parents. Their entire lives probably revolve around her sun avoidance.