Vybz Kartel – Need Her In My Life Lyrics

Need her in my life
Baby spend some time
I will f**k you right
Clothes and shoes you like
Tek up anything you like

Baby spend some time
I will f**K you right
Till the day I die

(Verse 1)
One dollar, two dollar
Do the maths dawg everything add up
Money talk bull s**t sick stomach
Going in till the prefix burn up
Gyal waan dem hairstyle turn up
That a the least mi wi buy her supn
Cut the G meck the friendship double
Brazilian wid the bright red color

Mi a hustle from dusk till sun up
Son-Son, real top stunner
Gyal seh mi smell sweet waan hug up
Gyal seh shi waan be my lover
Si the key yah, later come up
Free sex but yeah, whatever
Just write down everything you waan
And sum up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Baby you brawling you naw pretend
Mi a notice seh you move different
A mi love weh mi eyes dem si then
Baby a some f**k mi a defend
Speak now like Verdic Witten
Me and he in a the Benz two sick head
Hard-drive weh the file dem hidden
To the room fi go meck duplicate
Cyaa find her friend bout fi check
In a DJ Wayne room shi deh
Nether one down a Son-Son shi seh
Nether one down a Kyro shi deh
Sivva gone wid the white girl Yvette
And a black one name Punchinel
Me and mi babe sit back and a smoke some big head

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)