Action Bronson & Dan Auerbach – Standing In the Rain Lyrics

I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I’ll never be the same

(Verse 1 – Action Bronson)
You can see me on the riviera dressed like a playboy
Or you can catch me up in Rivieras Tuesday night
Pillow fights with dominican mothers
Thats what happens when it’s suede on the roof
Swerving lane to lane in a coupe
If I crash it, I’ll probably just leave it as a token
That your boy coulda died right there no joking
Uh, eating well so my foots swollen
Now roll in, you rolling or not?
The…waiting at the dock
I wonder if he let me fly it, but it’s a long shot
The money eases everybody’s mind
Put kids through school, new titties on wives
New titties for the mistress
New titties for everybody, it’s Christmas

(Repeat Chorus)

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