DJ Khaled “Ima Be Alright” Feat. Future & Bryson Tiller [New Music]

Dj Khaled new album Major Key is now out and one of the notable collaborations on the project is “Ima Be Alright” featuring Future and Bryson Tiller.

This is one of four singles Future is featured on including the previously released chart topper “I Got The Keys” with Jay Z. “Ima Be Alright” is one of those standout singles on the album that garners a lot of praise from listeners.

On the single, Future raps about a relationship with a female that went sour which everyone interpret as being Ciara. “Put it in my cup and let me medicate / And it all started off with foreplay (with foreplay) / Cappuccino vodkas in Santa Monica (Santa Monica) / We was best friends until the fall out / Now I got the lawyers goin’ all out,” Future raps.

Bryson Tiller provides the catchy hook. “Yeah, these ni**as started changin’, oh no / They changin’, they changin’ / And everything I got they wanna take it, oh / My money and my lady, no,” he sings.

Dj Khaled album “Major Key” is now available for stream on Apple Music.

Listen to the track “Ima Be Alright” below.