The Game – Get High Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I’m like Method Man and Red Man with the swishers
Blowing chronic out my mouth while they taking pictures
I tell that bi**h drop that ass like she hit the switches
I take the phone and take a selfie while I’m f**king bi**hes
Now bounce to a ni**a that know Dre and O’Shea
I kill that pu**y like OJ and no way a ni**a gonna outsmoke me
I smoke more than B Real and that ni**a Snoop D-O-double G
Throw up the Westside, even if your f**king rag on the left side
Tonight I’m f**king with you, to ice cubes in my cup
A little Henny, ni**a with an attitude, what’s up?
Yeah, 64 Impala and I’m outta there
Bi**h riding shotgun, looking like a bobble head
Wait, wait, wait for a minute and let a ni**a roll his blunt

If you still f**k with Dr. Dre, get high
If you miss 2Pac and Nate, let’s get high
I mean, every time you come to LA, get high
Ain’t it good to you? Hell yeah
The doc said I had a weed addiction
So I’m smoking this chronic with no prescription, get high
Break it down, get a blunt and twist it
Game got his own strain, Doc 2 edition, get high

(Verse 2)
When I say roll it up, roll it up trick
It’s Aftermath, let em know who you f**king with
All we do is smoke and get high
We be having slips, let em smell this s**t
35 Million and I still might sell this s**t
Gray smoke, elephant
Look around this party, ain’t this motherf**ka hella lit?
These ni**as is zeros, we came with pre-rolls
Same ni**as used to moving kilos, get high
Yeah, all f**king day ni**a
See me bouncing in the six-six-tre
Like I won’t let this motherf**ka
Three wheeling with a cloud of kush in my jaw
Thousand dollar blunts,w hat a ni**a want?
Pistol grip pump, ride with it in the f**king trunk
California skunk, ni**a this the funk
Top of the Roscoe’s with the front, my impala, get high

(Repeat Chorus)