Joe Budden – Just Because Lyrics

(Intro – Sample & Joe Budden)
You wonder why I stop and stare
I gotta admit it man
Every time you are near
I have a confession to make
Just because
I love you man
Just because
Sometimes love hurts
Just because
It’s gonna hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you though
I love you

(Verse 1)
Look, listen, f**k is up with us? How we ain’t agreeing?
Sensitive thugs need hugs, just the game we in
But if we ain’t a team, I know what anger bring
Angled in any language you want it, mons ain’t a ting
Is this a cry for help, show us the pain you in
What’s in your cranium, f**k it let’s put the flame to aim
Then they’ll ask why I made him his most famous meme
I just tell em love makes you do the strangest things
They play at stadiums, I play at Stadium
Shame, shame in em, really what’s there to gain for ’em
I see it weird though, f**k it we here though
Order my Bane mask all glass to let the beard show
Ain’t been dark in a while, pardon my style
I mean, I think I hear my part in your style
I can attach different acts to different parts of your style
Yeah we let you act as if you had parts in your style, nah
That’s retarded, it couldn’t be any farther out
But really ain’t s**t about it that’s hard to doubt
Ain’t bothered bout it, you fathered your father’s style
Which makes you a grandfather, a clock I highly doubt
You a hybrid, credited with the art of it now
Evolved with a style and re-dressed it in garments from now
So listen, that ain’t my argument now
Just looking back through the years, begging me not to involve it til now
So this a pep talk, shouldn’t be no awkwardness now
Sweet as the birds and bees from a father to a child
Look, I know sometimes you gotta father your child
Like hit the yard for a while
But be back before it’s dark or pow-pow
Rage ritual with startling growl
Manufacturer of Coke, here go bars with a smile
The shots coming though, crew been at this bar for a while
The gun tucked, the snipe’s out, you see us, cardigan down
Advance for the singing ni**a and the margin is wild
Floetry, the same as Marsh’ and them now
Too bad the martian is out
What song saving him when we in barging in wild?
Singers lose, better go and check Debarge and em now
We heating up, you know the fire marshall in doubt
Iron and irony, I ain’t spoke to Marshall in a while
He said Budden get your stuff together
You busy ruffling feathers
Bound to happen when you target an owl
Now we not enemies, he just gotta bar up now
I’m still on energy, let’s see if he charged up now
And I’ll be sure he’s in the secret garden I found
With lions, tigers, bears, Tahiry, dolphins, wow

(Outro – Joe Budden & Sample)
You wonder why
You wonder why
You wonder why
Just because
Come on
Bounce with me now
You wonder why
You wonder why
Bounce with me now
I just love you man
It’s all out of love
You wonder why
You wonder why
You wonder why
Just because, I
Just because, I
Just because, I
Just because, I