Joe Budden Chasing Drake Fan Who Harrassed Him

Joe Budden and Drake beef is getting person for some fans.

The beef has been mostly one-sided with the Slaughterhouse rapper making the most noise. But a few fans of the Toronto emcee decided to take matters into their own hands and confronts Budden at his home over the weekend.

The clip posted on Twitter shows the fan walking up to Joe Budden while he was in his car about to exit his driveway. Budden got out of his car and chased them on foot, but it didn’t end there.

The two guys later returned to Joey’s house to yell insults and rapping lyrics from French Montana and Drake’s new single “No Shopping.” Another clip shows Joe Budden chasing the guys in his car before cornering and threatening them that he will kill one of them. After that ordeal we are pretty sure those fans will stay clear of Joe’s block.

The videos went viral and Twitter and Instagram users mock Joe Budden with some hilarious memes which even he himself admitted were pretty funny.

“These are some of the greatest memes ever,” he tweeted. “But I truly hope u kids don’t make running up to ppl’s homes a thing. It’s dangerous.”