Gully Bop Granted Bail In New York, A’Mari Gave Her Side of Story

Gully Bop is now free on a $1,200 bail. The dancehall deejay bonded out of jail late Thursday evening following his arrest at the John F. Kennedy Airport on Wednesday.

Bop, who real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, was about to board a flight from JFK to Kingston when he was picked up by detectives. He was booked on robbery and domestic abuse charges. His ex-girlfriend A’Mari has since broken her silence on Facebook saying confirming that she was the one who filed the police report and that she warned the dancehall artist prior to the arrest.

“I was sleeping and the detectives just called me and let me know that they have apprehended Gully Bop,” she said in a video posted on social media. I tried to send out a warning several times to tell him to get in touch with me and no one ever did.”

A’Mari also says that Gully Bop was charged with possession of a deadly weapon, child endangerment, and assault. All those charges are misdemeanor. She also claimed that Bop stole her passport and greencard during their dispute.

Gully Bop fans have been blasting A’Mari on social media accusing her of trying to ruin the dancehall artist’s career.

Bop won’t be able to travel outside of the U.S. until his legal troubles have been sorted out.