Gucci Mane – Waybach Lyrics

Way, lemon
Way, way, way, way, way
Wap, wap, wap
It’s Gucci! Wizzop

Riding in the Bach with the seat way back
This white on white Maybach, I call it payback
Yeah you know I f**k with Zaytoven, we go way back
I’d rather rap a Zay track than a Dre track
Catch me flushing down the street with the top way back
I had to give these bad bi**hes something to wave at
Man y’all know I f**k with Mike Will, we go way back
Now let’s bring the trap back ni**a, Gucci Mane back ni**a

(Verse 1)
I’m the bestest, I’m the freshest ever stepped on the scene
I mean what I say, I say what I mean
Keep a rocket in my pocket like my name was Hakeem
Somebody had the picture, she thought it was a dream
A college chick dream big man on campus
All these folks impersonate me like Elvis
Too much sauce and I’m not selfish
I rule with a nine bi**h wrapped in Velvet
The seat way back and the top laid back
Her waist real small but that ass real fat
She get turnt up and you can’t turn back
She make my d**k stand up, I push them legs way back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I’m the slickest, I’m the richest ever rapped on the track
In the S600 with the seat way back
1017 mob boss, I don’t play that
I’ll get your whole head knocked off if you say that
I had a long nosed .38 way way back
I sent a ni**a to the pearly gates way, way back
They thought that Gucci Mane was soft now they don’t think that
Please get that devilish juice away from me, I don’t drink that
My own clothing line Delantic, yeah I read that
You heard Atlantic dropped Gucci? Why would they do that?
I lost 200k in Vegas, yeah man I blew racks
Man get these broke ass ni**as away from me, they ain’t worth two stacks
It’s Gucci

(Repeat Chorus)