Britney Spears Featuring G-Eazy – Make Me Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Britney Spears)
I’m dreaming a mile a minute bout somebody
This feeling, I wanna go with it, cause there’s no way
We’re hiding away from this tonight, oh, this tonight
Can tell you want me
By the way I see you staring cross the room, babe
No shame in the game, just cut the s**t, be honest
Yeah, you know what you gotta do tonight, do tonight

(Pre Chorus 1 – Britney Spears)
I just want you to make me move
Like it ain’t a choice for you, like you got a job to do
Just want you to raise my roof
Something sensational, oh yeah

(Chorus – Britney Spears)
And make me oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh
And make me oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

(Verse 2 – Britney Spears)
No rules
From the bar to the car, let’s take it back to my room
Igniting the heat of the moment; let the sparks fuse
Blowing up to the ceiling, we’re burning bright
When we cross the line

(Pre Chorus 2 – Britney Spears)
Cause you’re the flame I can’t do without
The fire comes in the sapphire sun
There’s no way I’m gonna be fighting this tonight, this tonight

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Post Chorus – Britney Spears & G-Eazy)
Baby, cause you’re the spark that won’t go out
My heart’s on fire when you’re around
Make me oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh
Yeah, Eazy

(Verse 3 – G-Eazy)
I don’t care if it’s a random person or the biggest star
Out in Vegas or little bars
Really not a difference if it’s near or far
Listen, here we are, need you
I’ve always wondered what was off limits
Staring at you til I’m caught in this
Back and forth like this was all tennis
I’m all jealous, you came with someone
But we could tell that there’s changes coming
See I could tell that you’re a dangerous woman
That means you’re speaking my language, come on
Now follow me, let’s go
Like Penelope in “Blow”
Well aware that stealing you is a felony, yeah I know
That’s why they keep on telling me to let go, yeah

(Bridge – G-Eazy)
But I need you and I can take you
All the way and I’m able
To give you something sensational, so let’s go, yeah
Said I need you and I can take you
All the way and I’m able
So follow me and I can make you

(Repeat Chorus & Post Chorus)