PeeWee Longway Featuring Gucci Mane – Pocket Watchin Lyrics

(Intro – Gucci Mane)
I got a question
What’s up with all these f**k ni**as d**k ridin, pocket watching
Yes man ass ni**a
Get you some paper, mind your motherf**king business
Pu**y ass ni**a, ho type ass ni**a, hah

(Verse 1 – Gucci Mane)
Run up on the kid, worst thing you coulda did
I’m like David Copperfield, I do magic with the cig
A pig in wolf clothing still ain’t nothing but a pig
187 on him, throw him off the bridge
I feel like Milly Mill cause I’m so close to the edge
I feel like these crackers tryna push me off the ledge
Sip so much lean that I’m woozy in the head
Got me snoring so loud Keisha push me out the bed
Gucci Mane party, Ace of Spades, pour out a keg
Gold Audemar look like I just cracked an egg
And I can’t keep in touch with the ni**as I grew up with
Cause I know them ni**as prolly keeping in touch with the feds

(Chorus – Gucci Mane)
Pocket watching ni**a, you’se a pocket watching ni**a
Pocket watching bi**hes, you’se a pocket watching bi**h
Pocket, pocket watching, why you watching a ni**a pocket?
Pocket watching ni**as tryna count a ni**a profit
Pocket watching ni**, you’se a pocket watching ni**a
Pocket watching bi**hes, you’se a pocket watching bi**h
I know that these bi**hes man these bi**hes pocket watching
Tryna count my bread, tryna count a ni**a profit

(Verse 2 – PeeWee Longway)
Bi**hes that d**k up get sloppy toppy
Got two dirty diamond….in my back pocket
I got em in the full body
Two dog chains on me, I’m young Jean Jaffi
We straight dropping in dope, we
I see pu**y pocket watchers through the Diors
I kept a snub nose on me
Lord knows I drive the Porsche
Stacking the profit and juugin with the .448
A roll a day, they whip the brick up turn up
The bi**h, gotta wet up the sheets, the piece, the weed
F**k up in the kitchen with Alicia Keys
Hand picked the VVS’s with the cocoa leaves
Pocket watching
Pocket watching make these hoes wanna panhandle
Flip her with the lost blue bandana
Still pouring up your profit in the Fanta ni**a
I see em pocket watching ni**a
Got the heckler singing a capella ni**a
For the profit I put em back together
Was just locked up in federal
I took the bail made popcorn kettle
Took to the band bought the whole entire shuttle, cookies
Stickied up…go around Gucci

(Repeat Chorus)